MTR may accept credit cards starting 2023

MTR passengers may start using credit cards to pay fares from 2023, transport chief Frank Chan Fan said.

MTR Corp will replace and upgrade the current Automatic Fare Collection systems in stations, including the entry and exit gates, in phases starting from 2022, Chan told lawmakers.

It is expected that passengers may start using credit cards for fare payment from 2023.

In January this year, MTR Corp started allowing heavy rail passengers to pay fares by using a QR code ticket.

Jointly launched by MTRCL and AlipayHK, the new QR code payment service are available at 1,000 entry gates.

AlipayHK will operate the system exclusively in the first year of operation.

Chan said MTRCL is following up with the works of connecting other electronic payment system service providers with the MTR’s electronic payment system.

It is expected that more electronic payment system options would be available by early 2022, bringing convenience to passengers.

Still, statistics show few passengers used QR code payment since its launch.

In the first six months this year, only 0.5 percent of passengers on MTR, buses and minibuses used QR code payment. It was 0.2 percent for ferries.

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