Over 60pc of foldable silicone containers sold in HK may damage liver function: consumer watchdog

The Consumer Council tested 14 foldable silicone containers sold in Hong Kong and found that over 60 percent of them exceeded the limit of volatile organic matter content that may damage liver function.

The consumer watchdog cited studies that continuous exposure to volatile organic matter such as siloxanes within silicone rubbers may cause liver damage.

According to the German Food and Commodities Law, silicone food containers must not contain over 0.5 percent of volatile organic matter. However, there are no relevant regulations in Hong Kong.

From the Council’s testing, only five of the 14 samples were found to contain siloxanes that did not exceed the German limit.

They include foldable silicone food containers from Ikea, Gemini, and Ideale Chef, and two collapsible silicone cups from Stojo and Lifeventure.

Meanwhile, the Council said they have noted that consumers are also concerned about the smell from the silicone containers, and they have also run relevant tests on the samples.

Test results revealed that all 14 products did not have any distinctive smell after filling the containers with water and letting it sit for two hours, and the Council said the results are satisfactory.

Seven of the silicone product samples scored top marks in this test, including products from Diamond, Cinnamoroll, Gourmet, Cheap Lab, Stojo, Daiso, and Seiwa-pro.

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