New system suits HK: Beijing

The elections were a “realistic practice” for the full implementation of letting patriots rule Hong Kong, symbolizing a new era and new hope for the SAR, according to the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs office.

The office under the State Council said the election system will benefit the SAR’s long-term stability, livelihood improvements and the consistent implementation of one country, two systems.

“We’re happy to see that people from all sectors of Hong Kong have shown much recognition for the new election system,” a spokesman said.

He said opinions from across the SAR are that the new system brought elections back to their initial goal – which is to select the right talents to serve the people without the unnecessary political conflicts.

“The new election system is a good system that fits the actual situations in Hong Kong,” the spokesman said. “It’s a good system that fosters the healthy development of democracy in Hong Kong. It’s a good system as a hybrid of safeguarding national security, development and maintaining long-term prosperity and stability.”

In a separate statement, the liaison office stressed the “patriotic rule” principle and said the election established a new political regulation to expel those who are anti-China.

“The Election Committee election is the first key election after Hong Kong’s turning point from chaos to restoration of order,” it said, adding the SAR government has conducted the polling in a fair and transparent manner.

“Candidates focused their manifesto on reflecting the opinions of sectors, solving economic and livelihood issues, driving social improvement, blending into the nation’s development and having deeper interactions with the public,” the office said.

State media Xinhua’s editorial said the new system has to strictly adhere to its duty as a gatekeeper to select “a firm patriot with strong governing skills” and that new governments formed under the system should focus on solving “deep-rooted” conflicts.

People’s Daily said in an editorial that a new administration-led political constitution must be reinforced so Hong Kong can walk out of the “political mire” that has existed for a long time.

It said under one country, two systems, people can live, work and execute their civil rights freely regardless of their political stance and viewpoints. But only patriots can enter the government and become a ruler, adding it is “an iron bottom line.”

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