Female cop who goes missing in sea is senior inspector Lam Yuen-yee

According to sources, the female cop who went missing during a marine police operation is senior inspector Lam Yuen-yee.

This morning a police boat flipped over when chasing a speedboat. Four officers including Lam fell into sea near Sha Chau but only three were rescued and rushed to Tuen Mun Hospital

Lam had gone missing since this morning and police, firemen and officers from Government Flying Service were all mobilized to search for her.

Police Commissioner Raymond Siu Chak-yee visited the Marine Police Regional Headquarters in the afternoon to hear briefing of the incident from the commander.

Siu then headed to Tuen Mun Hospital and visited injured colleagues. He stayed for around 15 minutes before leaving. He said the search and rescue operation for Lam will continue tonight. Yet he didn’t comment on the injury of the three officers.

Records showed that Lam had joined the police for many years. She first joined as a police constable and was posted to Tuen Mun District. She was later transferred to Tuen Mun district crime squad.

Lam was then promoted to inspector and senior inspector of marine police. She was the commander of the marine police boat team when the incident took place.

Lam busted a great number of smuggling cases before, including the one on smuggling and abusing animals, which took place on September 1 last year.

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