US should stop intervening Hong Kong affairs: Paul Chan

The 102 examples of the United States’ interference listed in a fact sheet published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed that the US tried to use Hong Kong to hold back China’s development, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said.

In his blog today, Chan said the “hypocrisies and double standards” of the US, as well as its “hegemony and bullying acts,” have been severely damaging Hong Kong.

He requested the US and other countries to respect the sovereignty of China and not to intervene in Hong Kong affairs.

Chan said to combat foreign intervention, Beijing has promptly designed and implemented the National Security law to restore safety and stability in the SAR.

However, the US smeared the law and responded with unreasonable policies such as cancelling special trading treatment for Hong Kong.

Chan assured Hong Kong is still an excellent and energetic financial and IT hub, adding it will continue to be a free, fair and transparent market for international enterprises and investors.

Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah said the US’ interference in Hong Kong has breached the international principle of sovereign equality of states.

In her blog today, Cheng said the US’ collusion with anti-China protesters to intervene in Hong Kong affairs is against the spirit of rule of law, and that “any society upholding rule of law should condemn” such acts.

On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued for the first time 102 detailed examples of US’ “blatant interference,” as a warning to the US and an example to prove the urgency to enact Basic Law Article 23 to enhance national security regulations in Hong Kong.

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