Hong Kong updates vaccination records to facilitate international travel

Hongkongers’ Covid-19 vaccination records will be updated today to include the date of birth, sex, and the manufacturer of the vaccine dose they receive.

The changes come after the UK announced new travel regulations as of October 4, requiring a date of birth on records before travelers enter the country.

The updates will be available for both electronic and paper records.

For the electronic updates, it will be available for download from the government’s mobile applications – the iAMSmart mobile app and the eHealth mobile app, while paper records will be available to those who require them for travel at vaccination sites across the city.

People who wish to collect their records in person must provide a valid ID and proof of travel such as flight tickets. Paper records will be available from the private or general outpatient clinic where the vaccination was received. Those who received their vaccinations at a community vaccination center will be able to pick up their paper records from any of the remaining centers.

“As the reprinting of paper vaccination records takes time, those who would like to collect the updated paper vaccination records are advised to bring along all necessary documents and allow adequate waiting time. They should also visit the collection locations for reprinting at least five calendar days before travel,” a spokesman said on Friday.

The government urged people to download their records electronically “as far as possible.”

From October 4, fully vaccinated travelers to the UK from recognized territories will be able to enter freely, while others will have to undergo ten days of self-quarantine.

Fully vaccinated travelers must also arrange for Covid-19 testing on their second day of arrival in the UK.

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