Law passed to regulate display of China’s flag and emblem

A law aiming to protect the national flag and emblem has been passed as authorities will demonstrate the right way to hoist the flag on National Day this Friday.

The third reading of the National Flag and National Emblem (Amendment) Bill 2021 was passed in the Legislative Council this afternoon.

The bill stated that the national emblem must be displayed on the website of government bodies including the LegCo and the Judiciary. It also regulates that the flag and emblem must not be hoisted or displayed upside down or thrown away causally.

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Erick Tsang Kwok-wai said the national flag and emblem are the symbols of China and they must be displayed properly, in order to protect the dignity of the motherland.

He also stressed that citizens don’t have to worry about committing any offense under the new law as long as they have no intention to insult the flag and emblem.

On another note, he said the Home Affairs Department will demonstrate how to hoist the flag of China correctly and safely on Nation Day this Friday.

The department will show the public the right way of hoisting national flag, the flag of SAR and other banners that contain relevant images at 48 community centers and halls across the city on National Day.

The department alongside the Lands Department have also reviewed existing arrangements and handled applications, allowing organizations to display banners or flags at designated spots.

Tsang hoped the arrangement could encourage the public to celebrate the National Day and the HKSAR Establishment Day and express their patriotic feelings.

Wong Kwok-kin challenged Tsang that why earlier some council members were ordered by the Housing Authority to remove the national flag they set up outside their office in public housing estate.

On that Tsang replied that the location where the council members hoisted the flags was quite close to the residential units and the flag pole installed could have possibly imposed safety risks.

He added that the staff of the Authority and the ward office reached a consensus after deliberation, and agreed to hang the flags outside the ward office. The matter had been properly settled, he said.

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