Guangdong reopens applications for business permits to Hong Kong

Guangdong province has reopened applications for business permits for mainland residents to come to Hong Kong starting today (Monday).

Employees of Guangdong enterprises and business operators can apply for a Business Visit Endorsement to Hong Kong from the Exit and Entry Administration of the provincial Public Security Bureau.

With the permit, they can enter Hong Kong through the  Come2hk scheme without being subject to compulsory quarantine.

Non-Hong Kong residents from Guangdong province and Macao have been able to enter the city without quarantine under the Come2hk scheme since September 15.

Eligible applicants must have not stayed in places other than Hong Kong, Guangdong province or Macao, and any designated at-risk area that are temporarily inapplicable under the scheme, in the past 14 days prior to and upon the day of arrival in Hong Kong.

One thousand quotas per day are each given to Shenzhen Bay Port and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

Individuals who have reserved entry successfully must do so on the specified date and through the exact port, with a valid negative Covid-19 test result obtained on or within three days before departure.

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